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Thomas and Anne Marie were a young couple, freshly married - money in a 401-K plan, but little more. I suggested the two best options: pay the same money for a smaller but classy transitional home, asking the seller to pay upfront costs; or buy a new, larger, traditional two-story home, with the builder taking care of those costs.

They bought a fantastic new home ($143,000), and all they had to pay was the down payment - less than $5,000. They were happy.

This happens a lot with first-time home buyers. They make fabulous salaries but have not had time to save much money. Having the seller pay part or all of the closing costs, or buying new construction where the builder usually pays $2,000-$3,000 towards these costs, makes owning your own home even easier!

Everyone has a different story. I listen and present each client with an individualized set of options. When clients choose the way they want to go, I do all I can to help them get there. I can do the same for you!

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This is a true story about real people in Greensboro who recently sold their home by themselves, quickly. It also illustrates how my consulting services can work for you.

John and Elizabeth had lived in their contemporary home overlooking a lake for seventeen years. They were nearing retirement and wanted to size down. They needed to sell their home for the highest price possible, because they needed the money to buy a new townhome in their favorite retirement community.

They knew if they called a typical real estate agent, they would have to pay a sizeable chunk of their profit in real estate commissions to get their home sold. Elizabeth and John understood that if they could sell their home themselves and eliminate those high commissions, they could avoid a large loan on their next home.

When I coached them on selling their home themselves, John and Elizabeth were able to make their dreams come true. As a consultant, I showed them all the important steps to selling their home.

By the end of the second week, they had someone very interested in buying their home. Because I trained them how to ask the right questions (part of the service I offer), John and Elizabeth were able to turn an interested prospect into a fully qualified buyer!

With my help and consultation, you can understand effective marketing, correct pricing, and the dynamics of selling your home yourself. These are all the keys to getting your home sold for the price you want and within your time frame.

You can sell your home yourself, just like John and Elizabeth did. Learn how to use all the hidden secrets to selling your home, without having to pay a real estate commission.
You CAN do it yourself!

Click here to contact me today. Learn how to Sell Your Home Yourself and Save Big Real Estate Commissions!

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