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You've Found THE House - Now What?

There it is! The home of your dreams! You knew you would find it; but what do you do now to make it yours?

  • Don't waste time! Once you find the home you want, move quickly to make an offer, so no one else can buy it.
  • Make an offer the seller will likely accept. Unless you have reason to believe that the asking price is too high, don't waste time by making an incredibly low offer.
  • The offer must tell all. If you want the seller to pay the closing costs for you, include that in your offer.
  • Negotiate your offer quickly. You should be completely finished negotiating within a day or so.
  • Inspections: the second set of negotiations. There are several required inspections. The lender will require a termite, wood-destroying insect and moisture damage report. We highly recommend you have a full house inspection. It's much better to find out about needed repairs before closing. Repair costs can be negotiated in the contract.
  • Complete the final paperwork. As soon as the offer is accepted, your lender will complete the paperwork to finalize your loan. This includes getting an appraisal done on the house, and submitting the final loan papers to the attorney, who will assure your paperwork is legal and that you are ready to close.
  • At closing, a million papers will be signed. Not really - it just seems that way! But with each paper you sign, you are a step closer to owning your home. The keys to your dream home will be handed to you at the end of closing. Hope you are packed!
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