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Understanding Buyer Representation

In the past few years a change has taken place in the real estate industry. Buyers now have the option of contracting an agent to work solely for them, keeping their best interest at heart.

Before this happened, who did the agents involved really work for?

There are two sides to every real estate transaction: the seller's side and the buyer's side. However, in North Carolina, all agents working on the transaction could only be loyal to one side - the seller's side, since the seller had signed a listing contract assigning an agent to represent him in exchange for a commission. Even if an agent worked only with the buyers, helping them find the home, writing the contracts and presenting the offer, that agent would still be devoted to the seller.

What caused this change?
Real estate buyers started wanting equal representation. They wanted an agent looking out for their best interest. So, in North Carolina, buyer agency was born in July 1996.

How does this affect me as a buyer?
Buyers can engage the services of a buyer agent to represent their needs. You as a buyer can now receive the full representation you are entitled to.

As your buyer agent I will:

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  • Put your interest first.
  • Give you unbiased advice.
  • Keep your financial status confidential.
  • Inform you of reasons not to buy, if necessary.
  • Negotiate the best price and terms for you.
  • Assist in writing the offer with your best interest in mind.

With me as your buyer agent, you can be confident that your needs come first. I will help you find a home that you really want at the price you are willing to pay. When you enter into a buyer agent contract with me, you will get both my loyalty and confidentiality. We become partners until the end of the transaction.

But our relationship doesn't end with the closing. I strive to build
lifetime relationships, provide value and service after the transaction, and continue to meet my client's real estate needs on an ongoing basis.

But do buyers have to pay for this service?
For the most part, no. Buyers agents are paid out of the commission received from the seller just as they always have been - unless a different arrangement is made on the buyer agency contract.

I'm still not sure. I have a few more questions.
You're not alone. Agency issues can be very confusing. It's important for you to know the facts and discuss the options available to you. Please email or phone me with your questions or concerns. Our Home Run Service will be working for you!

As your buyer agent I will represent YOU every step of the way.
My goal is always to keep your needs and interest at the center of my attention.

Want to know more about buyer agency?
Read my article - Why Buyers Need Buyer Agents.

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